The Rigveda, (dated across 6th and 5th century BCE), is one of the most ancient and sacred texts of Hinduism, amongst Atharvaveda, Samaveda and Yajurveda. The Rigveda mentions Yoga as a medium of physical and mental purification in accordance with the natural systems of energy flow. Yoga consists of the unison of individual energy with the universe. Yoga primarily aims at balancing the body activities in proportion to the energy flowing in the universe surrounding us. Yoga, listed as an Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, has been proved beneficial in the treatment of many medical conditions such as schizophrenia, heart diseases, cancer and asthma.

Yoga, first introduced in the west by Swami Vivekananda, has attained great success as well as criticism across the globe for its healing remedies and effectiveness. Despite of all the discussions, Yoga training is a major area of interest in India as well as across the globe. Moreover, Yoga also finds significance in other religions including Jainisim and Bhuddhism. The healing effects of Yoga include Improved Body Flexibility & Muscle Strength, Perfect Posture, Prevention of Cartilage & Joint Breakdown, Spine Protection, Stronger Bones, Increased Blood Flow, Immunity Boost, Regulation of Adrenal Glands, Lowering of Blood Sugar and maintenance of the Nervous System, along with various psychological and spiritual benefits.

Yoga Teacher Training

Types of Yoga

Despite having references to major religious scriptures such as Bhagwat Gita, Upnishads and Yoga Vashistha, Yoga cannot be characterized to specific types or postures. The ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, being the central text for Yoga teaching in the Hindu philosophy, lays emphasis on Raja Yoga or Asthanga Yoga. Various self-development techniques for body, spirit and mind are incorporated with, metaphysics, systematic exercises, ethical practices and epistemology in Asthanga Yoga.

Hatha Vidya or Hatha Yoga is primarily based on Shiva Samhita, Gheranda Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Hatha Yoga is a very popular technique, where one visualizes the rising of Kundalini across a system of Chakras. Hath Yoga participants have reported better sleep, overall better general health, increased muscle tone & energy levels, improved circulation and relief from muscle pain & stiffness.

Yoga Training

The term Yoga is now synonymous with different kind of body postures or ‘asanas’ practiced for wellness of body and mind. Practiced as an alternative medicine across the globe, Yoga is recommended by medical practitioners across the Globe. Being practiced primarily as a set of physical exercises, an individual requires Yoga training to reap the full benefits of Yoga during a particular session. Moreover, incorrect physical Yoga exercises may also lead to adverse effects on the body and brain. Yoga training sessions have consistently been organized across India, primarily in Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Yoga Teacher Training

With the increasing popularity of Yoga training, there has been a growing demand for qualified Yoga trainers across the Globe. Yoga trainers need to be well versed with all the physical mental and spiritual elements of yoga for proper guidance and support of their students. Yoga, being an art as well as a science, needs to be understood thoroughly for its proper implementation. Various ‘asanas’ are associated with different sorts of energy algorithms across the body, so any irregularity can result in malfunction of organ systems. Everybody is not able to properly assimilate all the aspects of Yoga in a single session, but it is the responsibility of Yoga teachers to gain and impart proper knowledge of Yoga to their disciples.

Yoga Teacher Training Organized Across India

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